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Hok Hing Trading Sdn Bhd History

We are leading Carpet Grass Supplier in Johor Bahru. Hok Hing Trading Sdn Bhd is established since 1991. We have more than 29 years’ experience in selling high quality turf and grass for your garden, balcony, rooftop, patio, office, field etc. call us for turf and grass for your lawn today.


Reasons for choosing Hok Hing Trading Sdn Bhd. A natural like grass carpet, Eternally green surface, Soft leaf blades, Easy to maintain; Easy flooring, Unlimited stress and strain resistance. Hok Hing Trading Sdn Bhd offer best quality home and garden products at very competitive best price! Our products including cow grass, pearl grass, carpet grass and so on.

One-Stop Grass Supplier


Grass Planting

Planting of grass on highway slopes, field and so on.

Grass Supply

Supply various kinds of grass for developers and so on.

Field Beatifying

Beautifying school fields, park fields, grassland and residential area.

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Welcome to contact with our team anytime. We are ready to service for you.

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