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Cowgrass (Axonopus Compressus)

There are two type of Cow Grass

  1. Two-petalled two-petalled cow grass is a more economical option for permanent pasture and ground cover. The two-petalled variant has larger leaf blades than the three-petalled variant and has a darker green color. It is a more robust breed and spreads much quicker than the three-petalled variant.
  2. Three-petalled cow grass is a popular choice for permanent pasture and ground cover. It has a characteristic emerald green tone and wide leaves which are aesthetically pleasing. It is highly favored for its adaptability in low fertility soils and the local moist climate as well as its ability to flourish under shaded conditions

Cowgrass Example

Suitable For Golf Course, Courtyard

Carpet Grass

Also known as Manilla grass, the Zoysia Matrella is an ornamental grass with slender leaf blades and stems which gives it an overall velvety green mat appearance. It is also a durable and robust breed that can grow in sandy soils and other soils of poor nutrient content. Being both shade and draught tolerant, the Zoysia Matrella requires minimal maintenance. Its durability and attractive appearance make it and ideal choice for golf course turfs and house lawns.

Carpet Grass Example

Grass that suitable for Ground


Pearl Grass is fairly like the three-petalled cow grass but with distinctively shorter leaf blades and is lower in height. Its low height with dense rounded leaves gives it a more orderly appearance and is thus more attractive than the three-petalled cow grass. The pearl grass does not require trimming but have very slow ground coverage rate. It is often used as house lawn or ornamental grass.

Pearl Grass Example


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